How to Create Backup Office 365 Mailbox Backup

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How to Create Backup Office 365 Mailbox Backup

As of now the client requires to make a backup of office 365 mailboxes. So, in this article, we will discuss how to make backup Office 365 mailboxes. Furthermore, here I will interpret two separate ways by which you can utilize one of them.

1: Create Office 365 Backup to PST manually

a manual strategy to export PST from Office 365 utilizing eDiscovery. This is a free method however not favored by experts as it requires a great deal of investment to back up huge measure of data from Office 365 mailboxes to PST.

Step 1: Write a credential to office 365 login.

Step 2: Open your office 365 administration account > Admin Center >> Security Compliances

Step 3: After selection of Security and compliance, new option will display on the window, the click the     Permission and Check on eDiscovery Manager >> eDiscovery Administrator Edit option

Step 4: After Click Edit, new window will open on the screen >> Choose eDiscovery Administrator.

Step 5: Now click on Add >> select the member >> Add >> Done >> Save and close eDiscovery Manager window.

Step 6: Close the Security Compliance window, in same window click Search Investigation >> eDiscovery >> Create Case >> type the case Name and save it.

Step 7: After saving you must open it again.

Step 8: a new window will open, now go to Search option >> Modify >> select all Exchange email >> Save >> Save & Run.

Step 9: Now type the job name or Description >> Save.

Step 10: Then you will see that all the data will export >> More >> Export Results

Step 11: The Export Results window will open on the screen. Here you need to choose the options. But don’t check on Enable de-duplication for Exchange content. Once your settings are done, then click on Export.

Step 12: Once its finish, select Export and Click on the backup file. a new window will open on the screen Click Copy to Clipboard >> Allow Access >> Download Results >> Install (eDiscovery Export tool)

Step 13: Open the eDiscovery Export and paste the clipboard and Browse the required location where you need to save the file >> Start

2: Create Office 365 backup and Export using third-party tool

On the off chance that you are looking through a simple and quick approach to Backup, Export PST from Office 365, you would then be able to utilize Third-party solution like the EdbMails Office 365 Backup Tool. Since in the above technique, you can see that the manual strategy is exceptionally complex and tedious. I additionally prescribe you to utilize this tool. This comes with good GUI application and with this application, you can backup using AES 256-bit Private key based encryption with incremental backup. You can also Export Archive mailboxes to PST.

Step 1: Login to EdbMails Application, using your EdbMails account credentials.

Step 2: Select ‘Office 365 Incremental Backup’ option and Click the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 3:  Highlighted Numbers represents

Before login to Office 365, If you did not set ‘Impersonation Rights’, then make use of these commands in PowerShell (Run as Administrator)
Choose your Mailbox type
Enter your Office 365 Credentials to login
Now, Click the ‘Login to Office 365’

Step 4: Highlighted number represents
If you are missing any mailboxes in below list, then Click the ‘Load Mailboxes from the CSV file’
Click the ‘Continue’ button to proceed further

Step 5: You can see the list of mailboxes in left pane, also you can set backup Options and Location in right pane.

Step 6: Verify all your mailboxes once again before Backup to office 365 using AES 256-bit Encryption

After Backup a ‘Backup complete’ message will be prompt.

That’s it!

Instead of using complex and time-consuming methods, make use of third-party tool. EdbMails Office 365 Backup with AES 256-bit encryption tool. It also works Incremental backup and much more. you can undoubtedly ensure that all data in Office 365 is backed up and recoverable with an entire backup solution like EdbMails Office 365 Backup.